5 Solutions To SME Cash Flow Problems

5 Solutions To SME Cash Flow Problems

Implement these and you will achieve FINANCIAL PEACE!

1. Find Out Where Your Cash Flow Is Really At

  • Prepare a 13 weeks cash flow budget, this is a forecast you don’t know the future exactly including timing of receipts hitting your bank account, so be conservative!
  • Include everything including all taxes and your salary or personal drawings, be honest
  • Update your Cash Flow budget weekly, record the actual banking and payments for last week and add a new week 13 forecast. This is called a Rolling Cash Flow
  • Review your Rolling Cash Flow weekly together with your Financial Controller or inhouse Accountant/Bookkeeper
  • Make the necessary adjustments to your cash flow to stay within your bank account limit. This may include deferring some payments, making payment arrangements, etc

2. Document The 3 Biggest Root Causes Of Your Cash Flow Problems

Work out what the 3 biggest Root Causes of your Cash Flow problems are, put a $ value on each of them to your cash flow, and document them

3. Take Radical Action To Fix Your Cash Flow Problems

  • Focus on fixing the 3 biggest root causes
  • Determine the right strategies to remedy each of these 3 root causes
  • Take Action NOW

4. Build A Healthy Business

The 5 Pillars of a Healthy Business are as follows, you need to score 7 out of 10 for all 5 Right Numbers

  • Right People
  • Right Processes
  • Right Business Model
  • Strong Growth

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